Review: Single Wish

Various Artists
““Single Wish””
(Sprite Recordings)

The organizations behind this release are Caffeinated Robots and Sprite Recordings, which are in place to help underprivileged children learn and appreciate the arts.  This particular collection of songs is intended to represent a series of releases that these wonderful labels and the nonprofit organizations involved will be releasing in the next few years.  The songs included are all acoustic rock songs from some of the most environmentally minded artists of the day including Ron Sexsmith, David Garza, Brando, Mark Kozelek, The Birds Of America, Robert Pollard, The Green Pajamas, National Splits, Tobin Sprout, The Impossible Shapes, Kingsbury Manx, The Candy Butchers, and Nick Kizirnis.  I particularly like the Brando, Tobin Sprout, and Ron Sexsmith tracks.  It’’s pretty amazing to hear the hardcore heartthrobs Brando getting down like this.  Who could ever deny that Ron Sexsmith is an awesome artist.  You can’’t beat the cause and can sparsely challenge the talent.