Review: Snoisses: The Skateboarder Sessions

Various Artists
“Snoisses: The Skateboarder Sessions”

So you skateboard.  Big deal, who doesn’t?  Somehow Sessions thought it would be fun to put out a compilation featuring skaters or bands with skaters in them.  Let’s listen in and see why this is a bad idea.

First up is Johny Manak with “Skate Radio” a song that shares way too much with Wesley Willis (RIP) than is necessary.

Duane Peters is next but unfortunately Duane is a much better skater than songwriter.  Shocker.

Mike V. barks his way through “Dehumanized”, an old-school skater doing old-school punk.  Poorly.

The Faction, starring Steve Cab is next and they’ve got a little “whoa-whoa” chorus but that’s not enough to salvage the waste of time.

“Teenage Hypochondriac” featuring Kristian Svitak is a bluesy, punk tune that is the highlight of the whole comp, which isn’t really saying a whole hell of a lot.

Pete the Ox does a little grinding, metal piece called “Gay Blade” that I like just because I often use the term, even though I’m not sure why or what it means exactly.

Ray Barbee’s “Triumphant Procession” is a stripped-down piece that has a lot of soul, just like Ray.

Also worthy of note is The Smut Peddlers, just because they’re a pretty cool band.

The moral of the story?  For musicians, these guys make pretty good skaters.