Review: Rock Kills Kid

Rock Kills Kid
(Fearless Records)

Who doesn’t like Blue Oyster Cult?  “Don’t Fear the Reaper” is one of the great quasi-metal songs of all time, in my not-so-humble opinion.  Rock Kills Kid’s EP contains a similar song structure to many of those killer Blue Oyster Cult cuts.  “Dream” embodies the same etherealness, the same moody yearning for something to happen, that made “Reaper” such a cool track.  In a similar vein, “Everything to Me” has a restlessness in it reminiscent of Nirvana’s “Polly”.  In any case, the prevailing dichotomy of boredom and the hope of release from the tediousness of ordinary life rings constantly within the album.  Vocalist Jeff Tucker’s lonesome refrain of “I’ve been dying inside, got nothing to hide / I think we should try to lose ourselves tonight / For all that it’s worth, with every word, you make me want to believe in you and me” on “Everything to Me” is delivered with such harmonious panache that the meaning transcends the simple words.  Driving chords and searing melodies like this shouldn’t be relegated to a little EP.  Send an email to Fearless and tell them to get these guys in the studio for an LP soon.  Because you never know when the Reaper is gonna come calling.