Review: Point of Recognition

Point of Recognition
“Day of Defeat”
(Facedown Records)

My first car in high school was my grandma and grandpas’ old Buick Century.  It had a tape deck and a radio that could only pick up a Mexican polka station for some weird reason.  It must have weighed about forty thousand pounds.  There was nothing subtle about this ridiculously monstrous hunk of American machinery.  If that car were a band they would be Point of Recognition.  Point of Recognition are heavier than that girl in your class with the gland problem.  They are harder than Bob Dole post-Viagra.  Pummeling bass and silly-fast drums combined with one of hardcores’ most throaty vocalists, Aaron Irizarry, make “Day of Defeat” more dense than a collapsing super-nova.  Not to be outdone, Tim Mason’s blazing guitar burns through chords like Woody Harrelson at a NORML meeting.  Fans of Hatebreed and Throwdown will certainly enjoy this offering more than Rosie O’Donnell would like an oversize box of chocolates.  Somebody do me a favor and check to see what the record for most similes and metaphors is in an under 200 word CD review because I think I may have just broken it like…never mind.