Review: Nightfist

““The Epic””
(The Temporary Residence)

I could go on and on about how false metal is the scourge of underground music, and would probably talk myself blue in the face complaining about all of those silly hardcore bands that insist on claiming a Maiden influence. So when I first heard about Nightfist, I immediately thought, “Aw shit, here we go again.” But fear not, true metallers, because this California five-piece is the real deal, or at least a fairly legitimate facsimile.

These young lads, fresh out of high school (stay with me here), share a common obsession for prog-metal bands such as Dream Theatre, Fates Warning, Yes, etc. and, according to their record label, “are not ironic.” Epic, sweeping metal instrumentals are played with such conviction and talent, it’s pretty hard to sound the horseshit alarm. And if these six epic songs in just under 30 minutes don’t make you a true believer, then it’s time to spin that Bleeding Through CD again (you dimwit).