Review: Moe

(Fatboy Records)

This sounds more like a live album than any studio album I have ever heard.  I mean sure there is the obvious overdub of sound to round out the tracks, but the Jackson Five once redid the vocals on a live album they released so shit why not right?  Moe is really into making sure everyone knows they have mastered their instruments.

The guitar solos and supportive jazz influenced bass are absolutely amazing.  In fact, even the drums have this really cool “I actually played this” sort of quality that some band really lack.  Moe is not afraid to get their hand into so many different sounds ranging from to Dave Mathews Band (kind of), Oar, and even a little Grand Funk.  Now that’s not to say that their sound is tired by any means, but it’s just very subversive.  A band that’s been around and making records for ten years is not going to steer that far off course, but the band sounds like they have been reinvigorated.