Review: Mines

““The Way the Wind Whips the Water””
(Woodson Lateral Records)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; Seattle is and still remains the Mecca for talented earth-shattering indie rock. The Mines are not the most innovative act you will ever hear in your life, but they are stellar non-the-less.  The one track that makes me shiver is ironically called “Thom Yroke’s Driving” which is an aptly named quintessential ballad about life’s conquers and struggles.  For some reason I keep thinking about this article I read at about twelve which thought we’d be driving these futuristic cars that got 1 mile to the gallon by the year 2000.  It’s like or expectations are never what they seem, but the idea is carried out through musical thought.

At best this album is thought provoking and makes you want to break out the guitar and figure out what the hell they’re doing to make those chords.  With both Dismemberment Plan and The Dutch Plan as cited references I expected a lot and was not disappointed.