Review: Midnight Movies

Midnight Movies
(Leftwing Records)

First of all (because I’m a guy and therefore stupid), lead singer slash drummer Gena Olivier is very pretty.  Her very pretty self makes darkly atmospheric pop with touches of The Smiths and Stereolab with her two not very pretty band mates, who happen to be of the man persuasion.  These three Los Angelinos utilize a few keyboards and some seriously distorted guitars to make the richly layered and fertile groundwork for Olivier’s whispered vocals.

Their self-titled EP has only six tracks that will undoubtedly leave you scratching your head for both comparisons and even a specific genre.  Soon though (about the time after you look at all of Gena’s images on the website) you realize that you don’t care and can just sit back and enjoy the gothic-tinged music.  And then you wonder exactly what the hell is going on with the cover art.  Is that some sort poorly Photoshopped cat?  I’m so confused.  Drunk, too.  And…yep, thought so…I smell.  Happy New Year.