Review: Lunachicks

“Babysitters on Acid”
(Go Kart Records)

The Lunachicks–America’s deranged darlings–have re-released Babysitters On Acid, which had been out of print for quite some time.  I ask myself–why? This album should have remained out of print and out of sight.  I may stand alone in my principles when I say that the Lunachicks are merely eye candy for the youth of today and hardly stage themselves as musicians.  I seriously believe that these chicks are absurdly lacking in talent.  Yes, lead singer Theo can wail like no other and their euro-trash decor is cool and hip but musically, they reek of tediousness and incompetence.  What this band needs is testosterone–just because you have tits and ass doesn’t mean you can’t have balls. The entire album promises to be silly and immature–check out “Jan Brady,” their tribute to the black sheep of the Brady clan.