Review: Leng Tch’e

Leng Tch’e

Belgian grind-core.  Belgian grind-core mixed with leftist politics.  Belgian grind-core that tries to be humorous.  Belgian grind-core, comedy written in English.  Belgian grind-core funny men writing in English fail to be funny except by unintentional language barrier problems. The music is, of course, fast, grinding, shredding and ball-busting.  The vocals are, of course, shrieked here and grunted there.  I like the fact that they’re mad at the right-wing.  I can back that; I like to see bands angry at the world that’s fucking them over and slowly turning us all into the indentured servants of credit card and insurance companies.

The band would benefit by abandoning grind-core, going in an industrial direction, dropping the humor and writing political songs in their mother tongue.  Without a lyric sheet you won’t be able to understand a damn word anyway and even with the lyric sheet I’m not even close to 50% certain that what he’s screaming is what’s laid down on the lyric sheet.

Lots of between song samples lifted from the third Evil Dead movie, “Army of Darkness,” which goes to show they have lousy taste in film.  Everyone knows “Army of Darkness” is shit.  Sure, Bruce Campbell fans and Sam Raimi fans don’t want to admit it now, but come on people, surely you felt betrayed when that movie came out to your local multi-plex and stunk up the place from frame one by abandoning the ending of “Evil Dead 2?”  It might be hard to take, and I know many of you out there even want a fourth Evil Dead, but trust me; you really don’t.  You don’t want that anymore than you want Leng Tch’e’s “Manmadepredator.”  I mean, what the fuck is up with all the moronic Three Stooges shenanigans?  People who like the Three Stooges have a problem, man.  A big problem.  Marx Brothers.  That’s where it’s at.  Klaatu Verada Niktoo my ass, man.