Review: KOOP.

“Waltz for Koop.: Alternative Takes.”

Now, this type of CD makes the perfect gift. Why? Because one can never get tired of listening to it. With just the right mixture of jazz and dance music arrangements, Koop’s music is just what the doctor orders. If you’re moody, it’s comforting. If you’re tired, it’s relaxing. All in all, this is just excellent prodution work. From the trump tight vocals, to the precise protools manipulations, it’s all here. These guys are even known for being the real thing live. If you have their first release off (Quango Records), then some of these tracks will be familar to you. If by chance you have been sleeping on these cats out of Scandanavia, wake up! And since I normally try to give the readers a few song titles that I feel standout from all the rest, with Koop, I feel that all these songs are consistent, leaving me with only this to say: when you find yourself needing something to take with you on that first date, this one will be great!