Review: Hoods

“Time… The Destroyer”

The press sheet advised me to “get on the their good side before they smash down your door.”  I sat and looked at my door for a long while and thought about how strong it was (something I’ve been thinking about a bit anyways lately) and pictured all these big, tough, hooded sweatshirt-wearin’, head-shaved dudes from Sacramento smashing it down.  These guys play some of the really gnarly, old school NYHC (much like Knuckledust) that you wouldn’t be surprised to find on Victory.  They play like they are all really badass fuckers who are ready to throw down and they are all already pissed as hell, right?  Man…  I just kept looking at my door and thinking about it and thinking it really didn’t seem fair, you know?  I mean, why should I have to deal with these kinds of threats when I’m already freaked out enough?  And then, there’s a fricken picture of a bunch of dynamite with a clock on it like maybe it’s a BOMB or something on the cover of the CD!  Oh shit… are they gonna break down my door and throw a bomb like this one in here if I’m not on their good side?   How good could their good side be, having their publicist make threats like that to poor, starving record reviewers like myself?  “Time… The Destroyer”–how cryptic!  Is that another part of the threat?  Do I gotta hurry up?  Oh shit… Ah, man… Have you SEEN my fingernails before?  They are all gnawed down and hurt and stuff.  This is JUST what I fucking need.  Ow…  gnaw, gnaw…  ow… chew, chew…  shred, shred…  *ptui*…  Okay.  The Hoods are quite possibly the best New York Hardcore band that has ever come out of Sacramento, California.  The best one I’ve ever heard anyways.  And don’t let me hear any of you PUSSIES out there say otherwise, or… or else…