Review: Guff

“The Guff is a Disaster EP”
(Go-Kart Records)

The first track, “Responsibility Pays”, caught me totally by surprise.  It’s early Saturday morning and I didn’t even know the speakers on my computer were on and I slipped the disc into my damn player and the frenetic guitars almost knocked me off my oh-so-uncomfortable chair.  Guff really rips.  They play upbeat punk in the vein of Pivit, with melodic guitar work a plenty.

The “Disaster EP” also has a ton of stop-start snottyness within each of the five tracks, ensuring I’d never get too complacent with the way any of the songs were progressing.  In all, it’s a pretty solid EP, my only complaint being the length of the tracks-the first three cuts clock in just shy of fifteen minutes in total, a little long in the tooth for a couple of punk songs.  Guff’s Southern roots shine through with little running bass lines and moments of controlled thrash keeping any of the tracks from seeming overly laborious, however.  Stay tuned to Go-Kart’s racetrack for the full-length scheduled for…well, about now.