Review: Goldfinger

“Open Your Eyes”
(Jive / Mojo)

Yawn. After being hammered by Blink-182, Sum41, and all their spinoffs, this Goldfinger album comes off bland and unoriginal. Perhaps true fans of those bands previously mentioned and the genre they represent may find this album worth its price, but it’s just way too shallow for the average listener. Fifteen tracks of fairly tight music (think NOFX’s lighter punk style, like “Don’t call me white” drums and guitars) can’t make up for sappy choruses and what feel like corporate-created lyrics. I’m sure that wasn’t their intention, but sit me in front of MTV for 12 hours, and I could create lyric sheet from watching what’s ‘popular.’ This is probably the worst thing to happen to Goldfinger since drummer Darrin Pfeiffer got smacked in the face by a security guard on the Smoke Out tour while performing some backup vocals during Pennywise’s set.