Review: Deicide

“Scars of the Crucifix”

(Review narrated in a throaty, rumbling, gargling Death Metal roar) I can’’t really tell you what they are talking about, but it’s HAAAAAARSH! Their last album was a half-hearted, contract obligation fulfiller with a label that shall remain nameless (Meep, Meep-Gargle). If you jumped the Deicide ship because that last album was shitty, why don’t I throw you a rope.

“Scars of the Crucifix” is a full power, full potential thrill ride through hell. Mean old Glen Benton’s voice sounds like he’s trying to scream you a story while choking on some poor chump’s blood. Their dark arrangements are fast and heavy, while their ultra-technical style shines through the dark sounds of demons playing instruments.

I would recommend this album to anyone who wants to: impress their boss at a company picnic with a soundtrack for a game of horseshoes; choose the right background for an anniversary dinner with your sweetheart; play something educational in the car for your baby riding shotgun in a car seat; or, bump something wicked out of their low rider when their driving through a cemetery on a Sunday afternoon. With “Scars of the Crucifix” in your possession, the possibilities are endless. Kind of like damnation.