Review: The Chiodos Brothers

The Chiodos Brothers
“The Heartless Control Everything”
(Search and Rescue Records)

This could very well be some of the worst piano-laden emo made this year. While the production isn’t thoroughly detestable, the songwriting is. The brothers offer nothing to make up for their shortcomings on this seven-song EP, complete with uninspiring, throwaway synth-led instrumentals like “Rainclouds for Eyeballs”. “Ravishing of Matt Ruth” revolves around a radio-friendly punk riff with predictable tempo changes and is spiced with annoying high-pitched and off-key vocals. Elsewhere, singer Craig Owens ventures into screamo territory when he and keyboardist Brad Bell aren’t offering the foulest of harmonies on “Vacation to Hell.” Stay away from this album. Stay very far away. There’s nothing compelling here.