Review: Celldweller

(Position Music)

Several old style new wave sounds and influences permeate this technofied Depeche Mode, NIN raping release from Celldweller.  Fans of early NIN and heavy seventies groove laden guitar work will find a lot of worth in this release.  The band also marries the various loose ends of the industrial scene into the nu metal scene although Celldweller is in no way a nu metal band.

The band shifts in moods from harder guitar and drum driven tracks to more salient mood oriented nigh trance like numbers.  There’s a good mix here of energy and aggression tempered with DJ turntable insanity.  Sometimes the jumps from heavy near straight forward metal to the mad crash of techno beats is startling and puts the listener off balance.  I for one enjoy being thrown for a loop.  When this band plays the dance floor must be a sight to behold as it shifts gears from wimpy raver shuffling to all out slam dancing.  Good stuff.