Review: Blood Red

Blood Red
(Initial Records)

Despite the rather dismal name of this band it actually comes from a U2 song, go figure.  Blood Red heralds from Long Island and I would imagine is a very important part of the island’s scene.  This band sounds like a fairly typical blend of emocore that has recently plagued the underground music scene.  So what’s the twist?  Well, Tommy Corrigan has an extremely unique delivery reminiscent of Aaron Stauffer of Seaweed (I’ve never listened to Gardener).  It’s definitely a unique style that I think many listeners would enjoy.  The most prevalent topic I could find in this album is standing your ground and not backing down in life.  This is one of the most introspective and deep albums I have heard all year.  I think the topics are probably influenced by the events of September 11.  Not in a let’s burn a candle and sing some songs for those we lost, but as an understanding of life’s cruelties.  Man has no respect for man.  Try our largest conquested continental island’s newest flavor.