Review: Antifreeze

“The Search For Something More”
(Kung Fu)

Kung Fu: once adored for their panache and coolness in being owned by a Vandal (and sporting Tsunami Bomb), now the most offensive unit-shifting pop/punk label today.  Can it be true?  Well, yes and no.  Unfortunately, bands like Antifreeze are indie versions of the same shit now adored by music television and stations with “Edge” in their name.  But at least they still maintain a semblance of realism while being poised as next in line behind The Ataris.

With “The Search For Something More”, Antifreeze prove that being musically static and incredibly harmonized can be a good thing.  The album doesn’t shift from inherently mid-tempo Blink-182-influenced—wait for it—pop, but there is an urgency and passion in the delivery of these sharp hooks that is undeniably infectious.  The result?  You want to sing into your hairbrush and prance around like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, but you also want said hand to beat the shit out of you with the brush à la Ash’s hand in Evil Dead II.