Review: B Movie Rats

B Movie Rats
““Bad For You””
(Junk Records)

Hitting you hard with that 4 count rippin’’ rock.  You know that rock for the fucks sake of rock and a shot of Jack Daniels in the mix couldn’’t hurt none.  Not as crafty as the Supersuckers, but more song orientated than Zeke, The B Movie Rats would fit nicely between them on a rock bill.  Its all pumping 4 counts and formula executed with the climax usually hitting in short bursts of repeated lyrics that are echoed by backing shouts.  Tempo is set forward so nobody gets caught sleeping.  Pull the cord and let the rock rip.  Gotta believe in a drum intro snapping with a power I haven’’t heard since the Circle Jerks, ““Casualty Vampires””, the B Movie Rats crank impressive throttle on a tune called, “”Out of Time””.  That’’d be the song I’’d be yelling for at a B Movie Rats show.  Motorhead would be proud to hear their influences worn with such balls.  This carries the torch of rock n roll that’s too fast for its own damn good.