Review: Silent Majority  

Silent Majority
““You Would Love to Know””
(Initial Records)

Straightedge hardcore with plenty of the familiar 20 interchangeable riffs per song, the chunka-chunka hanging open in all the right places, the sing/shout a-longs, the roving one-octave power chord leads and all the other trademarks touches of the music from the movement.  Excellent for fans, as good a good starting place as any for the uninformed and utterly dull for those who’ve heard it already and moved on to more dissolute lifestyles/forms of entertainment.  I can’t imagine being so sober that this brand of monotonous, dude-bonding rock could be appealing.  What do you say, brother?  Huh?  Pull that bar stool a bit closer, I can’t hear you.  There, that’s better . . .  Now what was I saying?  My, you look stunning in that hoody with a shaved head.  What do you mean I can’’t buy you a drink?  Pussy . . .