Review: Saga  

““House of Cards””
(Steamhammer Records)

Well, a lot of the kids think prog-rock is cool now, so why not sink your teeth into a living, breathing anachronism?  Formed in Toronto, Canada, Saga, like their countrymen Rush, wowwed the world with their synth-drenched, classically-flavored, arena-art-rock back in the day.  These guys will still do it to you with their original line-up and, gulp, their original sound.  Despite their “progressiveness”, you’ll find Saga aren’t afraid to attack contemporary ills such as television in “That’s How We Like It!” and the internet in “The Runaway” (Saga do offer you a website address, however, despite their distaste for “digital insanity”).  This really does sound straight out of the 70’s and there is no self-parody involved.  But LISTEN:  the CD insert folds out into a poster of the cover which is a cool airbrushed painting of an insectlike Martian approaching a castle on some alien landscape that is swarming with creatures like him.  Now who out of all the new quasi-prog bands have grasped that THIS is the kind of thing that made bands of that era great?