Quicksand Drop New Single + Announce Fall 2021 US Tour!

This is Quicksand.


Ok… I guess that was Quicksand back in the day when they first burst unto the scene in the early 90’s as ambassadors of what would become ‘post-hardcore’. Essentially, bands who either grew up playing in, or being influenced by more straight up hardcore (an edgier, tougher, more street offshoot of punk). Quicksand singer/guitarist Walter Schreifels having graduated with top honors from the New York Scene for his time in Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today.

QuicksandCurrent 1
photo: Annette Rodriguez

This is Quicksand nowadays…

A little older, a little wiser… and proudly sitting behind the band’s third release, 2017’s most excellent, “Interiors”. An album separated by 22 years from their last, and numerous other bands and projects.

It was worth the wait.

And for fans re-emerging into one of THE most glorious touring seasons in the history of modern music (thanks to a year long lock down and ban on live events)… Quicksand has dropped new music and announced a Fall 2021 US tour (dates below). This all coincides with the announced release date of their fourth album called, “Distant Populations” due out August 13th on Epitaph Records.

So let’s hear NEW QUICKSAND, right?!!

The song is called, “Missile Command”. A brooding, moody, crawling indie-rock creature that pulses with guitar chokes, screams and the classic Quicksand rolling smooth rhythms that ebb and flow, crashing upon themselves like waves on distorted rocks.

This comes on the tails of the first single called, “Inversion” that dropped in April, signaling the musical storm brewing behind this release. Decidedly a bit more ‘grungy’… it drips with a Nirvana meets Quicksand vibe (with even a little Snapcase in the vocal push and pulls). It doesn’t hit with the same classic Quicksand punch you might expect, but suggests the range the band is pushing for with this new release.


The band is still notably a three piece, after some legal issues surrounding long time guitarist Tim Capone who was arrested on the tour for “Interiors” for shoplifting, of all things. It caused him to miss a show and the band has since operated as a three piece. No word as yet if the touring line-up will be the stripped down, but still capable version of Quicksand.

Fall 2021 Tour Dates are:


And just in case you might not be super familiar with this band (they seem to be one of those units that most people have not heard of… but those that have… worship the band… this guy included).

Quicksand encompasses the perfect grey area between rock, punk, metal, and indie sub-genres. They are heavy and edgy, but still melodic and clever as hell. Punk is dumb. Hard-core is meat-headed. Metal is misogynistic. Indie-rock is too sensitive. Rock is too mainstream. (I’m boiling the genre’s down to their single most flaw for sake of explanation). Quicksand pulls the best elements of all those genres, mashes them together, and leaves all the weakness behind, resulting in a lean, quick to cut then smooth it over, “post-hardcore” band that has very few comparisons.


And is STILL churning out excellent work, some 31 years later.

Now THAT’S fucking hard-core.

Let’s take a trip down the catalog of Quicksand. Here are some stand-out tracks from albums that are all killer and no filler.