Review: Man Man

Man Man
“Self Titled”
(Ace Fu)

Sometimes being genreless sinks bands because they try too hard to stand out. Man Man definitely stands out and is definitely genreless, but they are definitely not sinking. Man Man brings a swarm of bands to mind. The biggest nods would probably be directed at Modest Mouse (on crack) and Tom Waits. Combining marimbas, xylophones, kindergarten choirs, chasing vocals, a host of instruments and the drunken wobbles, Man Man has created the
three-in-the-morning-I’m-drunk-and-lost feeling that we’ve all had. This is the soundtrack to stumble home to or get drunk with. With a live show rivaling Les Savy Fav, Man Man is quickly becoming a genre bending force to
be dealt with. Get on the band wagon early so you can act cool when your friends ask you if you’ve ever heard of Man Man in two years. You can look down your nose at them and proudly pull out your Man Man CD that guided you home after your drinking debacle last night.