Review: Green Day

Green Day
(Reprise Records)

It’s been about three years since we’ve heard new music from Green Day.  Not that the threesome has stayed out of the limelight, recently appearing on this years Warped Tour, and playing scattered shows here and there.  To be honest, this new album, “Warning” will make or break a Green Day fan. Traditional Green Day music has always maintained a punk feeling, albeit with more of a pop sound. “Warning” explores uncharted waters, and many of these songs have depth, a first for the Berkley kids (or should I say, thirty-something).  Do not expect the slapstick humor and silliness that Blink-182 (*ahem* media whores) now sell as their own, this album is frighteningly serious.  Example: “Church on Sunday” lyrics include, “if I promise to go to church on Sunday, will you go with me on Friday night, if you live with me I’ll die for you…”.  Pretty intense, eh?  Not to be outdone by just acoustic guitar’s, polka rears it’s ugly head on the sixth track, “Misery”. A good song, admittingly, but very odd.  The released single, “Minority” is the least surprising song on this album, and has been pimped onto radio and MTV.  As my girlfriend, a devoted Green Day fan, stated “If this wasn’t Green Day, I wouldn’t like it”, and that really holds true.  I think Steve Poltz’s solo career isn’t the train wreck Jewel sellout critics make him out to be, but I must admit I’m only a fan now because I was a fan of his drug filled days in Rugburns. So, it all comes down to this: do you buy “Warning”?  Damn right you do. If your really wet for Green Day punk, one might be inclined to pick up the latest Pinhead Gunpowder album (Billy Joe’s side project) at your local record store while you buy the Green Day.  Then it’s a sure thing.