DVD Review: Goldfinger “The Show Must Go Off!”


The Show Must Go Off!”
(Kung Fu)

Hot damn, aren’t you stoked it’s baseball season again? I mean, seriously, how do we even make it through these winters? Winters mean not enough time out in the sun and too much time in front of the TV watching horrid “punk” bands with too much flare prance about a stage at the House of Blues. Now, I’d like to believe that as a species we’ve moved beyond the whole ska/punk nonsense that Goldfinger is so fond of, but I’d also like to believe we’re beyond genocide and rape, yet those seem to be happening all the time too. Judging by the throngs of awkwardly goofy kids at the show, Goldfinger still has quite a pull with those of you who still proudly rock your ratty old Skankin’ Pickle t-shirt. Crowd favorites seemed to include the uppity “Superman” and the too-whiney-to-be-an-anthem “Here in Your Bedroom”, which work the crowd into a collective tizzy. This edition of “The Show Must Go Off!” sticks to the same tried and true formula of multiple camera angels as well as quite a few extras, including band commentary, a stills photo section, and other bonus material. Just be happy that it’s summer now and you can go back to the beach on a daily basis and throw balls around outside with your buddies instead of actually watching Goldfinger DVDs.

Brian Greenaway