Review: Divine Empire

Divine Empire
““Doomed To Inherit””
(Century / Olympic)

“Doomed To Inherit” is a majestic and brutal album filled with fast riffs and all the fury you would expect of an awesome death metal band.  The occasional change in vocal stylings, from typical death to something more in the vain of black metal, along with the obligatory audio samplings, You, make Divine Empire’s sound something out of the ordinary.  Death metal enthusiasts will be pleased by the mixing of both older and newer styles of death metal, though almost no beat blasts are present.  The record is middle of the road beat wise, although still very up tempo, it does slow down slightly from time to time.  Definitely not the heaviest, “Doomed To Inherit” has a lot of brakes that almost sound like a Norwegian influence to the sound.  Dead And Martyred dances with almost sounding something like early Emperor with out keyboards.  Other tracks like Blood Of Nations, reflect a more classic sounding death metal.  Still, this wasn’’t a crossing over of sub-genres, just some interesting experimenting that made for good listening.