Review: This Moment in Black History

This Moment in Black History
(Version City Records)

I was excited to review This Moment in Black History’s album.  They’re natives of the Cleveland/Akron area and so am I.  I know that they play a lot in the area and although I’ve never seen them live, I’ve heard good feedback from friends that have attended their shows.  Plus I love their name.  I remember Kent, Ohio-based Party of Helicopters frontman describing the integral Northeastern Ohio sound as “shronky”, a word he described as unpolished and in-your-face perhaps from the contempt of living in the Midwest.  This is similar fare as the Party of Helicopters and other bands from the area have grinding guitars, a less poppy and much more aggressive Vines meets Von Bondies-esque vocalizations, and sincere unapologetic shronkiness.  Nothing at all here screams radio single and it’s good, they’re much too pissed off from being in the Midwest.  I enjoy this album and it will definitely get more listens.  Highlights include “Last Unicorn” and “Are Lips Our Inc.”.