Review: The Vets

The Vets
(Modern Radio)

Odd time signatures, massive blasts of mathamatical rock, moments of soft introspection, this is The Vets.  If technicality does it for you than thses guys are going to frazzle your brain, but there’s more to them than technicality, there’s deep emotion. The orginality of this record is shocking, I don’t think that it’s something that everyone will get into (but that’s probably not the point anyway right?). I’m not saying that there isn’t any thing to like on here, just the opposite. The Vets are incredible, I can just feel that they will probably be an aquired taste, some people just want to hear music that you don’t have to think about.  I could liken some of their sounds to the Owls, At the Drive In, and Fugazi.  The square root of indie = The Vets