Review: The Solo Project

The Solo Project
(Rise Records)

I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard this record with a different name on the front, but it’s sort of driving me nuts and is making my life difficult to stomach.  What we have here is another beautifully written emotive record with clear straight from the gut vocals and swirls of deeply distorted guitars.  On top of that the guitar harmonies are plenty.  To exacerbate matters even more the track “Drive Home Alibi” has as much of an anthem quality as any track on a Jimmy Eat World record.  The slow build up in this song drives my soul into a deep tumultuous slumber before it crashes down and makes me dance.

However, some of these tracks sort of waver and it definitely takes away from the record as a whole.  Why can’t people think like David Lee Roth and trim the fat?  Not a bad group of songwriters, but I would highly recommend finding a more definitive sound. Pretty soon you will see twelve year old kids with their mothers at emo shows.  Amiable, but not admirable.