Review: The Minders

The Minders
“The Future’s Always Perfect”
(Future Farmer Records)

The Minders are a group that our parents would be able to find acceptable.  With all the racket we’ve subjected them to, if you threw in “The Future’s Always Perfect” you might get a comment like, “That’s not so bad sweety,” or even worse, “Honey, who is this?”  As you may have guessed from my earlier commentary, this record is a little subdued.  There is clever use of a synth and the female vocalist adds plenty of style to robotic rhythms.  There are some acoustic jams worthy of play during a relaxing dinner or a disscussion about the weather.  Overall, “The Future’s Always Perfect” is not a bad album.  Next time you’re over at Mom and Pops’ place, cruise it over, they’ll think that their little baby is finally growing up.