Review: The Code / Whatever it Takes

The Code / Whatever it Takes
(A-F Records)

The Code and Whatever it Takes tear their way through this little six-tracker without so much as a pause for breath.  From the opening chords of “In Hope” to its final, tortured scream you know you’re in for everything that punk should be.  Taking their cue from older Pennywise, The Code let the angular guitars lead the way while the lyrics of revolution and change follow close behind.

Whatever it Takes are a few notches higher on the snot-O-meter, preferring a more street-punk sound than the crisp rocking of The Code, which translates to a slightly more formulaic sonic output.  However, Whatever it Takes do an admirable job of keeping their sentiments out of the homogeneous gutter-punk motif, allowing for insight and bars like, “Buckets empty out the water seeping in the cracks/ But a crew in love with this vessel enough to make it last” show that these guys are deeper than most of their nihilistic brethren.