Review: The Cinema Eye

The Cinema Eye
“A Complete Arsenal”
(Sound Virus)

Sleater-Kinney’s latest album shows how much they have grown as a band through their career. One Beat is great from the first kick to the last riff. The impressionistic art covering the disc booklet and case adds to the feeling of completeness with room for growth. The trio of girls has carved out a vast following in a market dominated by men.

Even bands with girls in them are usually not as popular as all guy bands. Smashing Pumpkins is probably the biggest exception to the rule but D’Arcy rarely said anything. Oh shit, why am I reviewing Sleater-Kinney when I am listening to The Cinema Eye? I thought this was Sleater-Kinney. They are definitely walking down the trail blazed by Kinney. Well, here’s some quick thoughts on these guys. Sorry about the mix up. So many bands sound alike these days.

The Cinema Eye (as you can guess) sound a little like Sleater-Kinney. Sounding like a great band is not a bad thing though. If someone told me my band sounded a lot like Interpol I would be very appreciative. If someone said we sound like James Iha’s solo project I would be a little hurt. So congratulations to The Cinema Eye for mastering a sound that Sleater-Kinney has been mastering over many years. A Complete Arsenal only has five songs, but the five songs completely assault your ears for almost 20 minutes. Just throw One Beat on when A Complete Arsenal finishes and you’ll never know the CD ended.