Review: Teen Idols

Teen Idols
“Nothing to Prove”
(Fueled By Ramen)

The more I listen, the more I’m convinced that Teen Idols are huge proponents of MXPX.  That’s right, you get the big choruses with lyrics that just about anyone will be singing along to with only a few spins. Also the clean punk drum beats and expertly executed guitars will let you know just how tight this band is.  I think Teen Idols has a leg up on MXPX because they don’t need to live up to the whole Christian Rock stigma.

One thing Teen Idols does very well are the vocal harmonies because they have them in all the right spots and they seem to have a backing vocalist that can hit the real high notes with authority.  The harmony vocals are almost like an echo of the lead vocals and I was cooing with the songs in no time.

One thing this band does lack is variety in their sound because many of the tracks tend to sound similar.