Review: Snuff

“Disposable Income”
(Union 2112 Records)

I lost track of Snuff a few years ago, after they released “Nick Northern” on that old Fat Wreck sampler.  Remember that thing?  What the hell happened to these guys between then and now?  They’re still good, playing the same sort of music, fast and clean with a decidedly heavy feel.  Despite the swirling chords and fantastically quick drumming, Duncan’s vocals remain as controlled and methodic as ever, very similar to those of Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin.

“Angels 1-5” kicks the album off with a thick bluesy riff that eventually gives way to three minutes of pop-punk pleasantness that really typifies what Snuff is all about.  The barrage of power chords and pounding beats are interwoven with Duncan’s almost digitally enhanced vocals, creating a nice juxtaposition of sounds.

While neither Duncan’s sentiments nor his delivery are entirely worthy of the earlier Graffin comparison (what the hell was I thinking?) they are vaguely political enough to pass as anti-war, which is good.  So Snuff’s back from wherever they disappeared to, and I think we should all throw a party.  With a piñata.  And those little hats.  Love those.