Review: Shotstar

““What The Hell Is Rock N’ Roll””
(Downfall Records)

“What The Hell Is Rock N’ Roll” is an interesting throwback to maybe the 70’s that leaves me asking that exact question.  It’s like these guys want to be a garage rock band, but are just too damn pretty.  I thought I saw make-up on them in their band picture.

For instance on the track “The City” it’s all about New York City being filled with pretty people and is filled with major chords played on a classic piano and the chorus (which takes up more than 1/3 of the song) is “going to the city, New York City, where no one sleeps, and everybody’s pretty”.  They should send that track to Billy Crystal for his next blockbuster hit.  Let’s just say “The City” is not very retro.

Then the very next track “Tied to The Tracks” sounds like the band called the “Oneders” from that movie Tom Hanks made (you know, the one with Liv Tyler).  There’s just something about someone playing rock music and sounding happy all the time that just doesn’t work.  Give me some spice, some gusto.