Review: Scraps and Heart Attacks

Scraps and Heart Attacks
“Still Sick”
(Triple Crown)

Tired of the same old hardcore?  Feel the genre’s been so watered down that you’re about ready to head into the Virgin Megastore and buy everything on the Top 20 rack?  Well rest assured, because Scraps and Heart Attacks are here to give you your dose of hardcore punk action, sans the pseudo-tough guy lyrics and monotonous breakdowns.  Oh sure, you’ll find more than enough energy and rapid-fire kick drums to start a pit all on their own, but what really sets “Still Sick” apart from the huddled masses of adolescent posers is their ability to surprise.

Whether it’s a whiplash inducing start-stop rhythm or a stray (but gnarly) bridge, this Boston foursome has got a few tricks up their sleeves.  While so many hardcore bands seem to spend their time screaming over their audiences’ heads, Scraps and Heart Attacks take the message to the masses, as evidenced by lyrics like, “You sing about the good, now I’m screaming the bad/ How many sleepless nights have you had?/  I write empty songs for empty kids with empty hearts torn at the seams” from “Do the Math”.  It’s as powerful as it is raw.  It’s hardcore the way it’s supposed to be.