Review: Project Rocket

Project Rocket
““New Year’s Revolution””
(Uprising Records)

It’’s absolutely amazing to me what personal computers and programs like Pro Tools have done to the music industry.  There’s one thing for sure, it gives T.J. Minich and company an opportunity to do what they love.  Admittedly, Project Rocket is not going to blow your mind or be something completely different than bands you’’ve heard before.

At the core this is another rock band trying to break into the scene by making melodic introspective lyrics meld into layered guitars that waver in and out of delicate chord progressions and crunching power chords.  I got to say that the vocal harmonies remind me of the now defunct caP’n Jazz, but the guitars are nowhere near as hard to understand.  As a matter of fact, this is one of the most straight up operations I’’ve come across in a while.  I see great things in the future.