Review: No Choice

No Choice
““Dry River Fishing””
(No Idea Records)

Classic, semi-atonal chord structure bleeding through melodious composure characterizes No Choice’s Dry River Fishing song by song.  Guitar lines fit perfectly in place before making way to pummeling strums that give props to the punk rock roots No Choice embraces.  These United Kingdom boys have drawn comparisons to the lofty likes of Subhumans, Naked Raygun, and the Mob and they keep up intellectually with their contemporaries.  A politically-charged message seeks to right what they describe as wrongs and to draw action from their constituents – a noble cause.  These moments are put forth most noticeably when the music slows down and focuses itself on the audience such as in “Prey,” a song discussing whether the decisions of today’s powerful leaders reflect a questionable morality.  Give it a listen and decide for yourself.