Review: Mono

““One Step More And You Die””
(Arena Rock Recording Company)

I used to think you could count the number of instrumental bands in the whole world on one hand (excluding bands from Asian countries, marching bands and orchestras).  However, it seems like they just keep on popping up all over the place and on good labels I might add.  If you ask me, you judge an instrumental band on skill, the “how the fuck did he do that” factor, and how epic or moving you can make the instruments sound.  Ever since Metallica put out their first instrumental track (and dozens since) people have realized that a good instrumental track can be very inspiring.

Mono is amazing.  There everything I look for in an instrumental band.  If I had my way not only would “everyday be a Friday” as Skeelo suggested, but Mono would go on tour with Pele and Godspeed! You Black Emperor.  What possesses a band to become completely instrumental I still do not know, but if they must, Mono is an excellent choice.