Review: Various Artists

Various Artists
“San Diego is Burning”
(Loud And Clear Records)

It was the case indeed that San Diego was on fire for several days last fall. No shit. With horrendous blazes erupting throughout all ends of the county, it was a hellish nightmare for everyone in the San Diego area. In the end, homes were destroyed, lives were lost and dreams shattered. In the wake of such pain and suffering, some folks completely forgot about that one special member of the family who either ended up missing or consumed by the flames. Whiskers, Bucket, Mr. Bo Jangles – what about all the animals and wildlife that were injured and perished from these fires? Well I’ll tell ya something right now meathole! The folks over at Loud And Clear Records have a got a great big heart, and made a great big compilation for a worthy cause. Half of the proceeds from “San Diego is Burning” will go to the San Diego Humane Society, and dammit that’s the shit in my book!

With nineteen tracks in all featuring some of San Diego’s best rock bands like Sleeping People, Kill Me Tomorrow, The Black Heart Procession, Champagne Kiss, Waterline Drift and fourteen other bands from around the area that kick ass in their own unique way, this comp is a definite must have for pre-teen hipsters and card carrying members of PETA.

All in all, “San Diego is Burning” is a great compilation for someone interested in what San Diego has to offer musically; this album should definitely satiate any appetite interested in SD music. More so however, not only should you buy a copy of this album because of the new and original bands it features – but because you’ll be helping out a little kitty cat, or some poor puppy dog with burn scars. Help the fucking animals out you lazy bastards! Get off your Mom’s sofa and do something! Loud And Clear Records, I salute you.