Review: Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault – Jawbreaker Tribute

Various Artists
“Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault – Jawbreaker Tribute”
(Dying Wish Records)

Has there ever been a punk/indie band that hasn’t at one time covered a Jawbreaker (or Jets to Brazil) song?  I remember thinking the band I was in was really cool because we covered “Kiss The Bottle” a wonderful song about neon light liquor stores and hurting the ones you love because you can’t stop drinking.  It’s probably the one song I’ve ever actually wanted to really be about Blake.  This tribute album includes “Kiss The Bottle” and many other great songs such as “Want”, “Ashtray Monument” and “Chesterfield King”.  These are songs I grew up with and hearing them reminds me of being a confused 15 year old with nothing to do but get in trouble and go to shows.

It makes it hard not to like these covers, but if you must know I would have done half these songs exactly how the artists did them.  These songs are meant to be played loud, fast and with a lot of distortion which I thought the artists that included Jeff Ott (of Fifteen), Duvall, Face to Face, and The Travoltas were careful to include.  If you don’t have the original albums go buy those; for long-time listeners buy “Etc.” for all those hard to find 7″ tracks; if you need more, pick up this record, you might remember what the big deal was.