Review: Harkonen

“Shake Harder Boy”
(Hydra Head)

Right fucking on! Hydra Head is the godforsaken powerhouse of heaviness. ‘Finest metallic-tinged hardcore rock export’? What the hell does that mean? All that’s apparent is the righteousness of the bottom end being twisted and mangled by the blare and blaze of the ten-string accompaniment. This is so different from their first joint, 1999’s self-titled devastation on Wreck-Age Records. This is The Hope Conspiracy’s vocal assault cross-pollinated with Cave-In’s metallic jam stuff. Repetitive guitar/bass/drum tracks bounce between sonic and subsonic tempos like a drunk driver trying to stay between the lines. Almost screaming mic antics induce a feeling of anxiety. And the perpetual intensity of every song’s rhythm will have more than a few listeners reaching for some chemical indulgence. Sit back and enjoy the evolution. Isis started out as something completely different too.