Review: Gregory Page

Gregory Page
“Love Made Me Drunk”

Gregory Page has given birth to an amazing album.  ‘Love Made Me Drunk’ has a floating quality to it that is reminiscent of the smoky air of the cafés of Paris.  Indeed, the CD was inspired by and recorded in that same city.  The disc is a collage of Tom Waits’ ‘The Black Rider’ pasted with well chosen Elvis Costello overtones.  But something about it is also wholly unique.  The most striking attributes of the album are the accordion melodies which caress Gregory’s pristine voice, as well as his powerful chorus’.
His lyrics are filled with a certain sort of melancholy and longing with which, as very few musicians can successfully accomplish, he elicits empathy from his listeners without begging for it.  In addition, the CD is consistently good from the first track until the last, with no weak spots in between.  That, my friends, is truly the sign of a great album.