Review: Freedom Call

Freedom Call

Just what are you expecting from a band who kicks off their album with a song called “Metal invasion”?  I hope you’re expecting a big invasion of metal to rival the horrific madness about to be unleashed upon Iraq because that’s precisely what you get from Freedom Call.  They call for freedom.  They invade with metal.  They play what could only be called speedy up-tempo anthemic heavy metal in the old European power tradition of folks like Helloween and Gamma Ray.  If you want to shake your fist, bang your head and sing along with the heavy metal choruses, then Freedom Call is the band for you.  And they’re pretty darn good at it: catchy, fun and as clichéd as the most clichéd cliché in the kingdom of clichés.  “Eternity” is largely indistinguishable from any other band of this type.  They have their formula down like KFC.  There is little here that you haven’t heard before, but that shouldn’t stop most of you from liking it since you whores are fully willing to cram Burger King burgers chased with Coke products into your fat lipped greasy faces day after day anyway so why not listen to the same old crap too?