Review: Fighting Music 2

Various Artists
“Fighting Music 2”
(Death Wish / Lumberjack)

Doesn’t thirty-five artists sound a little big for a compilation?  I mean, if this truly is “fighting music”, thirty-five tracks is going to be some kind of royal rumble, nahsayin?  “Fighting Music” is a great title, seeing as how there’s enough aggression here to make The Gaza Strip look like Candyland.

Anyway, Throwdown’s on here, so that’s always good.

No Warning’s “Short Fuse” also is great-hardcore with a thrashy little edge.

Count Me Out is a great band that you’re not listening to.

My Luck is a super name for a band and they rock, too.

Generally I’m pretty apprehensive of compilations after an old girlfriend in high school made me a tape she spent “hours” on, which turned out to be a Fat Wreck comp.  “Fighting Music 2″, though, provides so many bangs for the buck that it would be tough to go wrong.  Even the savviest hardcore head out there is going to be hard pressed to know even half the bands on this release, ensuring at least a few hidden gems.  Quite a few of the tracks on here are either from re-issues, splits, or 7”, all formats that often slip though the tracks in all of our musical collections.