Review: Eisley

““Laughing City””
(Record Collection)

The latest ep from Eisley is frankly not very enthralling.  I expected much more from the opening act of the last Weezer tour, but frankly Rivers and Co. made a huge mistake with this band (I guess they wanted to sound good in comparison to their tourmates).  The most annoying part of this record is the down trodden and sparsely up-beat pop guitars.  Then the vocals make you feel like you’re listening to the softer side of Avril “I never wrote a song in my live” Lavine right after a breakup.  It’s like things are no longer complicated, but have now turned to sadness and depression.

On the plus side, when this 5 song ep decides to have a powder-puff breakdown it reminds me of Starflyer 59’s “Gold”.  Fans of the Stratford 4 will enjoy the guitars too.  This is one that will rot in my music collection until my kids sell it at an estate sale after I die.