Review: The Dukes of Nothing

The Dukes of Nothing
“War and Wine”
(Tortuga Records)

I got caught out in a lightening storm last night.  It was totally rad, only it was sort of scary.  And wet.  Also scary is The Dukes of Nothing.  These guys sound like they just crawled out of a hole in Alabama and I wish they’d crawl right back down and fill it in behind them.  With guitars that are distorted beyond all recognition and sloppy-as-a-retard style, you’re left with an album that Nashville Pussy would call rough around the edges.

The standard white trash lyrics about clichéd drugs, slutty women, and typical Southern imagery makes “War and Wine” a trip down the same old unpaved, rural road.  If your idea of fun is a few notes off key and if you think Scissorfight is a little too polished, then The Dukes of Nothing might just be your thing.  But if you’re one of those people then you can’t read anyway, so you might as well go back to making out with your cousin.