Review: Doughboys

“La Majeure 1987”
(Does Everyone Stare?)

Three Doughboys tunes from their demo from the late ’80’s.  Prior to this, the only Doughboys record I had heard was “Crush” which was a very, very poppy rock album.  It can be found quite easily in .99 cent sections of record stores everywhere.  “La Majeure 1987” has traces of the later Doughboys sound but is much more raw and doesn’t leave you feeling like a wuss when it’s over.  This is an essential item for Doughboys fans as it provides insight into the foundation of what made them what they were.  This release was pressed on CD, but for the avid fan, there were 1000 records pressed on multi-color vinyl.  As far as what the Doughboys are up to these days, check out All Systems Go! and Bionic.