Review: “Don’’t Be Scared 2

Various Artists
““Don’’t Be Scared 2””
(Fearless Records)

Now I don’t know how it is around the rest of the country, but where I’m from the phrase “don’t be scared” has become a wanna be rude boy or cool guy comment.  (Except it’s not pronounced “scared” it’s “sk’rd.”) Dumb ass mother fuckers will come up to me and say something so retarded like, “Tom why don’t you jump off that bridge.”  To which I respond, “dude, it’s a fucking bridge” and then they have the audacity to say “don’t be sk’rd.”  Fucking children, hope your dick isn’t as big as your brain.

Fearless, home to many great bands and future plans.  I’ve decided to recap what I consider the four best and three least known bands.  For those of you counting This disc includes two tracks each from: Junction 18, Near Miss, Plain White T’s, Glasseater, Knockout, brazil, Keepsake, bigwig, Lonely Kings, Rock Kills Kids, and the infamous Dynamite Boy.

I’ll start with Dynamite Boy, if for no other reason get this disc for the unreleased song “Kaleidoscope.”  I’m sure most of the bands on this label were raised on Dynamite Boy and probably really respect their history and knowledge.

Junction 18 is another really good band making a quick rise in the underground world and for good reason.  Shit, I still frequently pop in their first album “This Vicious Cycle.”

There’’s another great band on here that I saw with Jimmy Eat World many moons ago called Plain White T’s who are pretty kick ass.  They combine crunching pop punk and hints of indie rock with their love song lyrics.  Yo, girls love this shit.

The real surprise was Glasseater which merges hardcore and inspirational lyrics with an in your face attitude.  Damn good band.

Luckily for my sake, one of the best bands on here is also one of the smallest.  Brazil is like a cross between Conor Oberst’s two bands Desaparecidos and Bright Eyes without being so depressing.

Knockout needs to go back o high school and back to the drawing board.  Predictable pop punk to the extreme.

I fell asleep during Rock Kills Kid, but at least my demons were put to rest.